My Dear Friends,

“Nearly 40 years after a childhood accident, my mouth has been fully restored to health and proper function. The bow on this amazing gift is a beautiful, confident smile. Dr. Ramirez and his team were caring, thoughtful, and diligent in their work. What I experienced during my treatment was God’s love channeled through each and every talented individual who touched my case. May you always be inspired and fruitful in caring for your patients!With deepest respect and fond regards,” Rosalia Nolan

Dr. Waheed,
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a great smile. I truly appreciate your kindness and patience, and your staff is just wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better dentist and staff, I sincerely thank you for everything. You’re the best!” D.Williams

Dear Dr. Ramirez,
” Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on my implant, and for fixing my retainer. My teeth look straighter and better now than they ever have! They look even nicer than when I had an Orthodontist working on them” Maryam Tabatabai

Dear Dr. Waheed and staff,
“I was in your office recently and wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable, even for something as simple as a filling. While the dentist’s office is definitely not the first place I like to find myself, a visit with you is always a pleasant experience. You and your staff are so genuinely nice and it is so appreciated. Best regards,” M.Edelman